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Curt X's Profile

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Monday 12 December 2016

Dec 13th @ 2:17am EST

I woke up around 10 in the morning since the night before I went out to dinner with my friends and talk, we also smoked some marijuana and did not laugh for a while in the end the night was something nice. Again returning to the morning as usual the first thing I did was prepare a breakfast which were 3 egg whites and two whole eggs these combined with oats and some fruit, after this I took a shower to start working but The day was not good for me in the first few hours therefore I was in a bad mood and very frustrated, I was connected around 5 hours but I did absolutely nothing, I have to improve on some things since that's what life is about . And around 6 o'clock in the afternoon after finishing work I relax for a while and I went shopping for one eggs, a whole wheat bread and a bag of oats after that I prepare my food before the gym which were 6 eggs with Salad, after this I prepare an energizer I take the vitamins, pack my things for the gym and I went to train today was chest with biceps, the chest train it in a short way with a very high intensity, Biceps, after training I take my whey protein shake and again the multivitamin, after this I go home take a shower and connect again.

last meal

Mar 9th @ 12:05am EST

the last food is full of myths in the world of bodybuilding is one of the most important of the day already that going to sleep and you stop eating around 8 hours, my recommendation from the experience and knowledge by study is best to eat a quick digestion protein such as chicken, fish or eggs and combine it with vegetables steamed but not in a very large amount which can be 200 g of mixed salad or vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, cucumber, ect. This meal should try to perform and to at least 1 hour before going to bed to have good digestion during the night. After last time for best results it is recommended taking a casein protein since this slow digestion is therefore prevents the catabolism and the hungry during the night. This is what you and recommend from my experience and studies, since if you eat large amounts of food during the night especially carbohydrates the body tends to acomular fat more easily and the metabolism becomes more slowly since the body does not have as spend the calories ingested during the night.


Mar 2nd @ 2:09am EST

first of all dire than ever in my life I have had the out of colombia, have travelled to the interioir of colombia but not much only on a couple of occasions and I'm not a person of great adventure and tours I do not much because there is little money but is to travel and know this is not an excuse. places that I have traveled within colombia are bogota, quindio, pereira and some few other towns close to where I live. I have always dreamed of going to the United States mainly to los angeles since ayi is the Mecca of bodybuilding where arose the great bodybuilders of all history, the first thing you would do if someday I get serious ayi go train to venice beach and feel like a star of bodybuilding. other places that also interest me ara travel would be Spain, Switzerland, Germany, portugal, Italy, a country in africa as South africa, others as well as china and Japan, and by so-called also Russia. I hope someday to meet all these places that I'm first concentrating on my studies to go out prepared and not be one more that they works as a slave I rather study for pleasure not for making very good money. my love is bodybuilding and enjoy life. I am very loving money and expensive things by


Mar 2nd @ 2:02am EST

I like to take supplements most of all by to help me with my progress mainly volume shakes of proteins, amino acids, omega 3, multivitamins, pre training and all this accompanied by a strict diet since no diet supplements are used very little and asta is could say that is this by pulling the cash-for-trash, here in colombia many boys has the myth and the belief that the supplements are steroids but are completely wrong or more funny even though they say that the supplements make you small penis. is for this reason that bodybuilding is full of myths that many people are put to give information without informed first. the supplements I consumption is principalemte the most from Colombian brand since American supplements are very costly for the increase of the dollar and for the issue of transportation and all those things, supplements are universal perfect nutrition a Colombian company supplements for my consideration of very good quality in terms of proteins, but insofar as it refers to creatine and amino acids arise me some doubts This company is the greatest impact in the country since it supports athletes and performs skills at the national level. the athletes patrociandos by this brand are called the megaplex some stars have very good physical

Journal of a bodybuilder

Oct 24th @ 4:18am EDT

today in the morning I lift tired desired longer than the night before me acoste around 3 o'clock in the morning that is preparing a test. I lift around 6 in the morning tired but hungry to fulfill my dreams and my goals, just I woke up as every day first thing I did was to prepare protein shake after this warm meals for the day, after that take a shower and I organize, after this prepare breakfast 3 eggs cooked with rice and vegetables. After this sali around 7 o'clock in the morning for the University, expect me a day too heavy already had 8 hours of class and had too much sleep. When finished classes around 4 o'clock I went to eat my food number 4 when you have finished eating, rest 30 minutes and went to train around 5 in the afternoon today played train chest with triceps but training was a little complicated since I was very tired, but this was not an excuse to stop fighting for my dreams and when I finish training I came to my house to give me a small NAP and start that I am a little tired ire to sleep for tomorrow train with full potential.

Journal of a bodybuilder

Oct 23rd @ 2:37am EDT

today I lift at noon a little concerned because I cojeria afternoon to perform some activities therefore dormiria little Thursday night, was also concerned by certain tests that are haran in biology a week followed therefore have to subtract time to work and the gym which makes me too angry for that I distance myself from my goals , but this to me is nothing I work every day to be perfect both physically and intellectually so this is too easy for my so I can sleep 2-3 hours and keep fighting for my dreams that while sloths sleep I work hard to achieve my goals. they are the 2 in the morning and tendre that awaken me to the 6 po dormire a 3 hours. I have to study for a biology exam. It estudiare everything that this for me is I am little more than others. say this for that, believe me I have more strength mental control me study little sleep and work in the gym for my suenps while they are sleeping or drinking I am preparing to live among the more great characters of history, may currently produce thanks but over time is veran results and be silent mouths and who spent sleeping is asked by that they can not make it.

mr olympia

Sep 23rd @ 1:48am EDT

as I had predicted heat I am the mr olympia champion phil for 5 consecutive time since usually when a mr olympia wins for the first time is twice as likely to repeat it every time. all speculated on big ramy since it would be the competitor more mass on the stage but this was left in bulla. big ramy started putting scare now that opened a new record in olympia competitor to be heavier in the history with about 143 kilograms but consideration my lack more cutting to be at the level of all. Meanwhile phil keeping their weight and figure is looked a little small on stage but are you looked confident as always. When were selecting the last 4 competitors all believed that would win dennis wolf due to which was the more large onstage but phil heat had cuts which not is looked at others and its perfect x shape gave him the points required to stay with the sandow. Kay greene has not given statements about the events since this was sanctioned Championship by discussions with organizares them and hand also by choice. Meanwhile I'm still dreaming of reach ayi a day at the moment working hard but concentrated on several objectives.

my goals

Sep 16th @ 2:04am EDT

at the moment I am studying at the University just I have begun I am in the first half, everything has its start so be patient to achieve goals and not despair. While study practical my favorite sport to which master which is bodybuilding I am training hard and alimentandome best to achieve my goals, while I do this work broadcast here for the camera since this is the only way to keep me in the Studio and in my sport now that without these economic income would not go to college every day and feed me properly. my goals are to end of study and advance won bodybuilding competitions at national and international level with the hope of one day prune become professional and do what you've always dreamed of. When you have finished studying pretend to be an expert in sports training so helping other people achieve their goals and increase the reach of this sport since in this country sport is poorly funded.When it becomes professional one day dream to go to live in the engaging United ayi bodybuilders have served everything to achieve their dreams and that ayi is the comeptencia most important the cuel is that all dream of winning this is mr olympia.

mr olympia

Sep 15th @ 2:40am EDT

We are within days of the great day of bodybuilding world because it held the mr olympia and the best bodybuilder around the world by the year 2015, among the best candidates this consecrated is obviously the great champion phil heat and your Hunter kai greene, among the other candidates with the opportunity to snatch the title to phil heat are my preference the best arms of the business that are roelly winklar , also are surely warren, dennis wolf, dexter jackson, big ramy branch without a doubt all the mentioned here would be within the top 10 of the Mr. olympia since so has happened the last few years. everyone is talking about big ramy since it is the competitor more mass that will be on stage but I think that are wrong because although if it's true that it is the more massive does not possess sufficient definition and muscle quality as the first lay kay greene and phil heat, this favorite makes it her great legs. Phil heat is among the Favorites since his great symmetry and its thin waist are older weapons to defend itself from the predator kai greene in the last days prior to the competition the participant kay bombed Phil with acreeedor photos but phil to echo everything otherwise has not been kept watch to give a surprise grna

mi dreams 4

Sep 9th @ 1:08am EDT

now I'm dreaming of become an one professional bodybuilder in addition to other wishes as being a successful man in the business. at the moment I'm too busy and focused on my goals and I have two options one of them is doing half and losing absolutely everything, but if I concentrate I long enough and well make things saldre by the front door and have achieved great things. for the moment I concentrate in 3 large objectives the first is becoming ifbb pro, the second is to make money, and the third is graduating from College as a professional in sports. at the moment I'm just starting and I this being rather complicated concentrate at the 3, but over time I have been used a little. wait within 5 years have finished the race, have a stability economic and be weighing a meager 110 pounds of muscle and competing in major championships. at the moment I live with my parents and my brothers are a family of middle class but we reached for the Basic. I'm beginning to see the world of model webcam as a way to fulfill my dreams since it allows me to work anytime and best of all is that I am who choose the schedule so that this is compatible with any routine and activities

my dreams 3

Sep 5th @ 4:15am EDT

Finally after you failed football attempts I decided a new goal since without a dream my reasons for living were running out and my life didn't sense so therefore I decided to sit and think that what was I wanted to do with minfuturo and I've always wanted to be an elite athlete so I decided to that wanted to be fisicocuturista professional IFBB therefore want to be mr olympia. When I decided to very well that I wanted to be professional in this sport I concentrate on my signature to train and my way of thinking and seeing life change quite till the point that people said that I was crazy that was losing his head. I started training 6 times a week for 2 hours a day and ate about 5 times per day this happened mid-years of the 2014 train this regime during about 4 months with decent results gain 5 kilos of muscle at this time, after going through this I decided to make changes in my way of training but change more radical was in the diet as increase you to 8 meals per days train with this regime for 4 months and I got excellent results win 8 pounds of pure muscle in this time and they were to March 2015. but in December of the year last wine my first preparation for a

my dreams 2

Sep 1st @ 2:24am EDT

When you enter College in 11 grade all them it seemed that my change had been surprising but I wasn't as I always wanted more and not yet I looked attractive enough for the girls that segui training while still studying was going every day to the gym without any fault, at first I went with my friends who were encouraged like me but they were slowly abandoned since sacrifice was too large for them , but for me it seemed sacrifice for me was something which caused me pleasure and not understood by perhaps was the echo of other persons to start to fix in my and was the topic of conversation. When was going in the middle of the year already weighing 70 kilograms something almost impossible, much less that it engaged in no time. so was spending the time till you finish the year 2013 and was still weighing 70 kilograms was stuck at that weight. When I started the year 2014 was very eager to get more big but in February gave me remorse for leaving football and decided to leave the gym to once more reach to professional football, spent 4 months training soccer but I saw progress in my so thinks very well and in June of that year decided to move to the world of the gym full , I started to train

my dreams

Aug 31st @ 4:25am EDT

We all have a dream some struggling to try to fulfill it at all costs while others see it as a dream. to the contrary of this, I am willing to fight by trying to fulfill my dream, when I was small I had many dreams, but as I was growing up I started to play soccer and I fell in love with the only sport he dreamed of becoming professional football as messi or ronaldo Christian jugardor but unfortunately he was already too old for this by I had 17 years and was not even in a school professional was there where life me beating in a way this lasts for the first time always will be my frustrated dream. When was in 11 grade everyone made fun of my by that was the thin, ugly guy of the group to which all tease and no woman wants to be with the. There was where I decided to give a return to my life and I started to practice gym in the hope that one day could have a woman who is wanted me and all those who would like to. When we leave December vacations in college I dedicated myself to include hard in the gym and eat like an animal, my results were great that went up from 55 kg to 62 kg in just two months, my training partners not what could believe I was getting more than they. When

the path of a dream

Aug 30th @ 11:11pm EDT

today in the morning I woke up a little tired already than the night before me acoste to sleep a little late trying to get more credits since the day was very difficult. I lift around 11 o'clock in the morning and immediately prepare me my breakfast which was rice with lentils and eggs, after this organize the clothes I had washed the day before and a time is me chatting with my friends cellphone around 2 o'clock realize my second meal which rice was with lentils and meat after this give me a shower After being organized I went to buy some chicken breasts to eat because it had finished all the cerne had in the refrigerator. After shopping comes to my house to transmit at the beginning the day was something difficult but then things started to arrange. I have finished making my routine of aerobics and now comere my 6 food to start transmitting again since when there is nothing going on this is my fun apart from the gym. morning I rose early to go for payment and buy some supplements that needed me despertare me around 9 in the morning and transmitire a while after I go.

the path of a dream

Aug 30th @ 5:12am EDT

today I woke up rather late I woke up around 12 o'clock already the day before had been too agitated and was very tired, immediately I woke up prepare me my breakfast which was rice with eggs and oatmeal with milk, after this I went back to sleep for an hour then for despertame to 1 in the afternoon and begin to organize the House , when you have finished organizing prepare me the second meal which was rice with chicken and vegetables when you finish eating shave me the face, armpits and moche me nails, when you finish make this me di an shower and me oraganize to begin airing around 5 in the afternoon. the day started something good but with the passage of time everything was complicated, and in the end I was malpor so today was not the best. tomorrow Sunday entrenare in the afternoon since the gym closed it early I despertare 10 am to make breakfast organize the House and prepare meals for when finished training to eat immediately. I am waiting it Monday so it is payday so this means missing I'll have to buy my protein and other supplements that make me to get my maximum profits. I'll buy a calorie protein to gain weight, one of casein to

the path to a dream

Aug 29th @ 4:28am EDT

today I woke up at 6 in the morning of course with too much floor longer than the night before me acoste to sleep around 2 in the morning so it only had 4 hours of sleep. When I woke up immediately wash me your face and apply me masks for acne after this I went to the kitchen and warm the cocas to the University which were 4 all had rice with vegetables and chicken. After that I shower and I organize to go to College get there around 8 and a half since there was too much traffic the first class I saw today were communicative habilidides, when we leave this kind me comi my second meal and I went to another class and ai sali around 4 o'clock until , had too much sleep when I get here to the House around 6 o'clock I gave a small NAP to refuel to go to train with all the gym. I woke up around 6 o'clock and organize meals to go to train. When you arrive at the gym I felt with a little sleep since it was only at the beginning that when I focus on training don't feel sensations that to avoid that they train. Today exercise leg and performs 5 exercises for this and was annoying

Journal of a bodybuilder

Aug 26th @ 2:43am EDT

today in the morning I woke up around 7 o'clock since as it is custom must go to study to the University Sports to fulfill my dreams. immediately I woke up realize me treatment in the face with natural masks to clean the skin. After that I gave a shower and I directed to prepare my breakfast which was scrambled eggs, rice with vegetables and yogurt with strawberries. After finishing breakfast I went to the University around 9 in the morning. After leaving classes at 11 in the morning didn't have anything work since gone off had more early than normal so it went to the gym at the University with a companion train triceps and calves. first enpezamos with a small warming after this start routine with 5 series French pres each trying to train heavy, after this we did drink, then extension in pulleys then extension to a hand and finally extens do tion above the head, after this train calves starting in the press with all the maximum weight doing between 10 and 12 repetitions , then in the machine smicht realize steep and finally in the open bar. After this ate my food post train and I came to my house to organize meals for the

Journal of a bodybuilder

Aug 20th @ 4:41am EDT

today in the morning to pick up a little sleep already only I am sleeping about 6 hours and I\ I'm not used to this already used to sleeping 8 to 10 hours a day since he was not studying. immediately lift I went to wash the face with masks that I\ I am using to try to eliminate this acne to lower my self-esteem. After this hot meal he had prepared day anterioir since it is better to do it at night because you never know when you can't listen to alarmed and take in the afternoon. After warm up and whole package me di an shower and me vesti, after this rice with steamed vegetables, eggs and strawberries with milk for breakfast. When you\ finished breakfast sali to the University for study at the time were 8 and a half o\' clock. When I left University dream I was attacking too hard since it weighed me eyes and my head hurts, after eating my meal 3 I went to the gym at the University to teach some things to a few friends and then take advantage of to make Keystone and half an hour of cardio, sali at the University around 1 o\' clock and come here to my house at 2-30 was a bit late because all organize and prepare

Journal of a bodybuilder

Aug 18th @ 3:18am EDT

Today me up in the morning around 10 o'clock immediately me up to make breakfast here in colombia was festive Monday so the gym the armor early, eat breakfast rice with eggs and cereal after this organize the House as daily and gave me a small NAP already that night had slept little anterioir I woke up around 12 to 30 and I began to prepare meals to carry to the gym to eat immediately after training and so I do it every day. around 1 and 30 noon he was ready to go to the gym but the problem was that they closed it to the two therefore I play give money to the instructor so stay with me till 4 o'clock and the accept. train around 2 pm and 30 in the afternoon to reach the gym was already completely empty, I started to entrear the chest with biseries to finish more rapid in total I did 30 series for breast, after this train biceps but this time in the individual series train a total of 25 series after this I asked a lunch at home at a nearby restaurant and let the coca was prepared for later. After arriving from the gym rather exhausted coming to the House and gave me a small NAP.

Journal of a bodybuilder

Aug 13th @ 12:41pm EDT

today I lift a little aperezado wakes up late like around noon and hate get up at that hour since I can't make all the meals that I normally do on the day and the worst thing is that I put the alarm clock ringing early and unconsciously shutdown it. After thinking a while prepare the breakfast which was oatmeal, bread, eggs and rice. After this I pull in bed to think again and that laziness was uncontrollable. After casting a new half hour NAP I lift to organize the House since I hate clutter I like things clean and ordinands. After that prepare the 3 following meals since being in line passing I entertain myself too and forget things like take me the suplemetentos or eat at the indicated times. After preparing meals I connect to transmit today as yesterday all has been very lonely and there are few loans that are made, what little that outreach to produce today was thanks to a cient and friend is trying to teach me concentration but I am concerned since I think that I have disappointed him in damasiadas times that can hardly achieve a concentration.Now you need to practice this on my own to give you a big surprise when you return

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